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I’m your host, Steve Hannett and I’m excited to tell you that it’s time for your breakthrough! There’s a Father in heaven who loves you and desires that you live in His freedom, peace, and divine health. Yes, you or a loved one may be going through difficult circumstances right now, but God desires for you to overcome them in His power, His strength, and His grace.


I’m so excited to personally invite you to become part of the Be Healed Podcast family where you can expect to learn what God’s timeless Word says about how to receive physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You’ll receive practical coaching on how to release the miracle power of God in your life and you’ll get encouraged by hearing inspiring stories of average people who have overcome the toughest of circumstances! You’ll get built up in the knowledge of God’s Word, and develop the supernatural faith you need to be healed!


Having been diagnosed with cancer years ago, I personally know the fear, uncertainty, and doubt many feel. But because I’ve been supernaturally healed by Jesus Christ, I also know the power, life, and victory that comes through God’s covenanted promises.


Countless numbers have received God’s healing promises throughout history, and its my joy to share what we’ve learned in almost 25 years of ministry to help you receive the same.


You don’t have to be bound. You no longer need to suffer. We’ve seen so many overcome what others thought were impossible odds. It’s time fo you to be free. It’s time to experience the life Jesus Christ died to give you! It’s time for to be healed.


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